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Conversational Bookings & Appointments

Take, amend and cancel bookings through natural conversations over the phone

Automated conversation with a PolyAI voice assistant where someone is changing the date of their hotel booking

What are Conversational Bookings?

PolyAI voice assistants use conversational AI to automate common customer support transactions, such as managing bookings and appointments.

Designed with CX at the center, our voice assistants feel, sound, and speak like a human. With 24/7 availability, no wait times, and exhaustive data, our voice assistants empower you to deliver a superhuman customer experience.

Bookings and reservations calls where customers want to make, change or cancel appointments are perfect for automation, freeing up your front-of-house staff to focus on the customers in front of them.

Conversational Bookings & Reservations

Automate reservation calls end-to-end, with a voice assistant that feels, sounds, and speaks like your dream customer service agent.

Booking & Reservations Use Cases

New bookings Take new bookings, negotiate times and take payment or deposits
Rescheduling & cancellations Negotiate a new time or process cancellations
Reminders & booking confirmations Contact customers with reminders and booking confirmations
Personalization Personalized bookings for return customers
Easy Integration Easy integration into existing booking platforms and processes
Automated conversation with a PolyAI voice assistant about a restaurant booking

Why Automate Bookings & Reservations?

  • Answer every call 24/7
  • Free your staff to focus on the customers in front of them
  • Reduce call handling time
  • Automate booking reminders to reduce no-shows and maximise profits
  • Offer personalized service
  • Intelligently upsell offers and promotions
  • Integration with leading reservation platforms
Automated conversation with a PolyAI voice assistant about booking an appointment


PolyAI’s voice assistants integrate with leading reservation platforms to give live availability to your customers or even detect return and loyal guests.

We can integrate with:

  • All major restaurant reservation books
  • Leading CRMs
  • Hotel Capacity Management Systems
  • ePOS and payment providers

Why PolyAI?

Superhuman CX

Superhuman CX

Our voice assistants understand your customers, however they speak, in any accent, any language, for as long as it takes to solve their issue

Low implementation risk

Low implementation risk

Deploy a voice assistant in 4 weeks or less, with no training data required. Fully scales to handle growing complexity.

High ROI

High ROI

Automate conversations end-to-end, with up to 70% first call resolution. Expect a low upfront investment, with scalable, per minute pricing.

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