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The world's most
voice AI.

Resolve over 50% of calls and consistently deliver your best brand experience.

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Can I book a table for tonight?

I’m locked out of my account.

I love the dress but it doesn’t fit!

Oh no, sorry, that’s my old zip code.

Sure! Just checking what space we have.

I’m sorry to hear that. Let’s get you back in.

Oh no! Let’s see we can find a better fit.

No problem. What’s your new zip code?

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Deliver effortless CX at scale with a conversational platform that lets your customers speak naturally, interrupt, change topics — and always have a fantastic customer experience.

Listen to Lisa track her order

Listen to Oliver change his hotel reservation

Listen to Kylie request a booking

Discover how we make your customers feel heard.

Transform your call center into a revenue generator.

50% calls handled by the only voice assistant deployed in 10 languages

85% CSAT score across all hotel guest conversations

$7.2M revenue taken through hotel room reservations

8X increase in call containment compared with original IVR

Hold times are for the old times.

Increased capacity

Resolve complex inquiries — 24/7 and at scale — so you can handle larger volume without adding overhead. 

Revenue gains

Immediately respond to 100% of contacts so customers engage, trust, and keep their business with you, not a competitor.

Improved CX

Boost customer loyalty with reduced wait times, IVR time, and misroutes. You’ll see improved CSAT/NPR and increased CLV.

Happy agents

Reduce expensive turnover. Let your agents take breaks and free them to focus on meaningful work. 

Operational excellence

Actionable insights from real conversations help you identify issues, track progress, and seize new business opportunities. 

Empowered leaders

Modernize your CX stack and build a brand known for world-class customer service — all while mitigating risk and improving metrics.

How it works

Design, integrate, and deploy a customized voice assistant, in six weeks or less.

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Design a branded voice and personality that engages users to resolve inquiries.



No risky replatforming. Seamlessly plug into your existing tech stack. Deploy at a speed that’s right for you.



A real-time dashboard helps you stay on top of issues such as site problems, trends, or a rise in specific product inquires.



Manage ongoing performance updates and maintenance controls, your assistant continuously learns and improves.

Purpose built for enterprise.


AI you can trust. 24/7 support and compliance certification to meet requirements in every industry — even the heavily regulated ones.



No need to change your tech stack. Out-of-the-box and custom integrations make implementation safe and easy.



Real-time insights. No data gaps, manual compiling, or business decisions based on guesswork. 

Data and Insights


From banking and healthcare to travel and hospitality, high-demand industries trust PolyAI to provide world-class service. 

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Use Cases

Resolve calls in your heaviest use cases: authentication, order management, billing, and more.

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