PolyAI named to Forbes AI 50 2023 list
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PolyAI for Healthcare

Superhuman Voice Assistants for Healthcare

Take appointments, answer FAQs, reduce missed appointments and route phone calls with no staff needed

eBook: Your Guide to Voice Assistants for Customer Service

Download the Your Guide to Voice Assistants for Customer Service eBook

In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • Why customers still want to call, and why they won’t stop anytime soon
  • How modern voice automation technology is able to hold natural conversations with customers
  • How this technology understands humans like never before
  • The huge cost-saving benefits of a good voice assistant
  • How voice assistants benefit your customers, including personalised service, intelligent up-selling and more
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Metrics from PolyAI Customers

Intent Recognition Accuracy

Customer Satisfaction Score

Call Resolution Rate


Delight Patients with Conversational Appointments

Answer every call, even out of hours, with no staff needed

Take appointments and answer questions with a virtual voice assistant that mimics your best member of staff.

  • Take appointments with an always-on voice assistant that can handle hundreds of calls at once
  • Exceed customer expectations with 24/7 availability and no wait times
  • Improve employee satisfaction, allowing your staff to focus on patients on-site
  • Eliminate no-shows with outbound confirmation calls

Make Use of Data Like Never Before

Access the most informative data you’ve ever seen

Access powerful, real-time insights into patient communications and discover new ways to streamline operations.

View full call transcripts and react quickly to issues driving increased call volumes such as on-site issues, website problems or current affairs.

Never miss another patient call

Our voice assistants understand customers regardless of the language they use, their accent, poor phone connections and background noise.


Transform your customer experience

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