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PolyAI for Hospitality

Superhuman Hospitality Service

Take bookings and answer questions with a virtual voice assistant that mimics your best member of staff and never misses a call.

Case Study - How Landry's Golden Nugget Hotels & Casinos Deployed a Voice Assistant with 87 Percent Containment on Day 1

Download the Landry’s Golden Nugget Hotel & Casinos Case Study

In this Case Study we cover learn:

  • The challenges that Golden Nugget were looking to overcome with a voice assistant
  • The criteria that they were searching for
  • How PolyAI were able to deploy a voice assistant in just 4 weeks from getting the contract signed
  • The results from the project so far
  • Future plans and possibilities for Golden Nugget and PolyAI
  • How you can deploy your own PolyAI Voice Assistant in just 4 weeks
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Metrics from PolyAI Customers

Intent Recognition Accuracy

Customer Satisfaction Score

Call Resolution Rate

Delight Customers with Conversational Bookings

Answer every call, even out of hours, and never miss a booking

Take bookings and answer questions with a virtual voice assistant that mimics your best member of staff.

  • Increase bookings with an always-on voice assistant that can handle hundreds of calls at once
  • Boost sales with intelligent upselling capabilities
  • Exceed customer expectations with 24/7 availability and no wait times
  • Improve employee satisfaction, allowing front-of-house staff to focus on the guests in front of them
  • Eliminate no-shows with outbound confirmation calls

Effortless Food Ordering Over the Phone

Take orders for takeaway or advance bookings over the phone.

PolyAI voice assistants accurately take down order information including menu items, allergy information, extras and special requests.

  • Increase revenue with intelligent upselling
  • Delight customers with no wait times and friendly experiences
  • Improve employee retention with reduced workloads during peak times

Make Use of Data Like Never Before

Track conversations with our live dashboard to make truly data-driven decisions

Access data around capacity and optimise your seating arrangements based on customer demand.

Listen to call recordings and get real-time alerts for sudden changes in volume.

Never Miss a Booking with 24/7 Customer Service

Our voice assistants understand customers regardless of the language they use, their accent, poor phone connections and background noise.

Listen to a real, live call from our voice assistant for a large restaurant chain based in the UK.

Transform your customer experience

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