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PolyAI for Banking

Invest in Your CX

Use PolyAI’s voice self-service to automate banking tasks and delight your customers.

eBook: How digital banks can use voice automation AI to sustain disruption of legacy banks

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In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • A rubric for selecting which customers calls should be automated to yield the greatest ROI
  • How mobile-first banks can perpetuate their advantage in CX across the voice channel
  • How not to make the same mistakes as those who’ve sunk millions of dollars into undeployable science projects
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Metrics from PolyAI Customers

Intent Recognition Accuracy

Customer Satisfaction Score

Call Resolution Rate

Conversational Account Services

Automate the most common call types in banking and take the pressure off your support staff

Enable customers to ask questions, make payments and perform other account transactions in natural language, without waiting for an agent.

  • Improve customer satisfaction by eliminating call wait times
  • Reduce agent call volumes by automating the most common, repetitive tasks
  • See a 20% uplift in agent productivity by giving repetitive tasks and FAQs to your voice assistant
Banking personalized loan conversation

Proactive Sales and Upselling

Showcase suitable products directly to your customers through natural language conversations

Our voice assistants intelligently identify upsell opportunities to give personalised product recommendations and spending suggestions that actively enhance customer experience.

  • Increase revenue with intelligent upselling
  • Exceed customer expectations with personalised recommendations
  • Reduce agent call volume by allowing callers to self serve product upgrades and purchases

Track Transactions and Spending Trends

Help your customers make the most of their finances 

Compete with tech-savvy challenger banks and give your customers advice based on monthly spending by individual payee or category.

Our proactive conversations alert customers to unusual payments or unexpected changes in their spending, giving them complete control over their finances.

Make Use of Data Like Never Before

Access the most informative data you’ve ever seen

Our live dashboards give you access to front-line customer data to provide powerful, real-time insights into customer communications and recommended ways to optimise.

Access full call transcripts and react quickly to issues promoting an increase in calls such as site issues, website problems, current affairs or a rise in specific product enquires.

Delight Customers, For Less

Our voice assistants understand customers regardless of the language they use, their accent, poor phone connections and background noise.

Listen to a real live call from of our voice assistant for banking.


Transform your customer experience

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