PolyAI named to Forbes AI 50 2023 list
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PolyAI for Telco

Supercharge Your Communications

Use PolyAI’s voice self-service to automate telecommunications tasks and delight your customers with amazing customer service, every time.

Citizens Advice Case Study

Download the Citizens Advice Scotland Case Study

In this Case Study we’ll cover how PolyAI built a Scottish voice assistant to route callers to their local bureau in just 30 seconds, while delivering a great customer experience.

Metrics from PolyAI Customers

Intent Recognition Accuracy

Customer Satisfaction Score

Call Containment Rate

Multi-Step Technical Support

Run callers through long, multi-step technical support flows

PolyAI voice assistants understand what your customers want, regardless of how they phrase their questions.

Our voice assistants provide a natural customer experience that gently guides customers to clarify and resolve their issues without the need for human intervention.

  • Boost Customer Satisfaction Score with human-level conversations and no wait times
  • See a 20% uplift in agent productivity by giving repetitive tasks and FAQs to your voice assistant
  • Dramatically reduce Average Handling Times by automating time consuming technical support flows

Book and Manage Engineer Appointments

Our voice assistants are already trained to take bookings and negotiate available time slots around your engineers’ calendars.

Your customers are free to speak naturally – interrupting or changing their minds – to make an appointment that best suits them.

  • Delight customers and let them take control of engineer visits
  • Reduce AHT by allowing customers to schedule their own appointments
  • Increase engineer productivity with outbound confirmation calls to make sure customers are at home

Proactive Sales and Upselling

Consistent sales experiences that outperform your best agents

Our voice assistants intelligently identify upsell opportunities – e.g., when a customer’s plan is coming to an end – to give personalised recommendations that actively enhance customer experience.

  • Increase revenue with intelligent upselling
  • Reduce handling times by allowing callers to self serve
  • Boost customer satisfaction with personalised recommendations

Conversational Account Services

Customers who insist on calling can tackle routine account issues without using valuable agent resources

Our voice assistants are already trained to handle common account queries including checking data usage, paying bills, querying bills, managing contracts and activating plans.

  • Slash handling time by giving customers control over their account issues
  • Eliminate wait times with voice assistants that can handle thousands of calls simultaneously

Make Use of Data Like Never Before

Access the most informative data you’ve ever seen

Our live dashboards give you access to front-line customer data to provide powerful, real-time insights into customer communications and recommended ways to optimise.

Access full call transcripts and react quickly to issues promoting an increase in calls such as site issues, website problems, current affairs or a rise in specific product enquires.

Retain Customers and Minimise Costs

Our voice assistants understand customers regardless of the language they use, their accent, poor phone connections and background noise.

Listen to a real, live call from our voice assistant for a large telco in the UK.

Transform your customer experience

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