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Multilingual voice assistants

Automated Customer Service Over the Phone

Available in over 100 languages

A customer asking for
70% of customers feel more loyal to brands that offer support in their native language

Speak to Your Customers in Their Language 

Most customer service automation solutions have limited options for language support.

PolyAI voice assistants can hold natural, human-feeling conversations in over 100 languages, including Arabic, Bahasa, Cantonese, German, Spanish, Vietnamese and many more.

PolyAI’s name comes from the fact that our assistants are polyglots and polymaths, seamlessly transitioning between different languages and use cases. From day one we’ve had a focus on creating conversational voice self-service experiences in any language, regardless of accents or slang.

One question asked in English, Serbian and Chinese by a PolyAI voice assistant

Give Your Brand a Voice

Choose a voice that reflects your brand and engages your customers.

PolyAI voice assistants can speak in any tone or accent. You have complete control over what your voice assistant sounds like.

PolyAI voice assistants can switch between languages easily

One Assistant, Multiple Languages 

PolyAI voice assistants can be ported into any language in under two weeks, without the need for additional training or dialogue design.

Our voice assistants will follow the same behaviour across all languages – with no additional training – giving customers around the world a consistent experience.

Customise prompts in each language to provide a true reflection of your brand.


A PolyAI voice assistant can start in English and then switch to Spanish if the customer asks for it

Allow Customers to Switch Language Mid-Conversation

Do you have a large multilingual customer base? Then let your customers choose which language they want to communicate in. 

PolyAI voice assistants can switch language at the request of a caller. Context is carried over the language switch, so if your customer chooses to change language halfway through a call, the voice assistant can pick up in the new language seamlessly. 

Webinar Speakers: Kane Simms, Eddy Su, Daniela Gerz and Jason Misium

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How to port conversational AI into any language in a week

Learn more about how conversational AI can be ported into a new language in a week in our webinar with VUX World. The team goes over the technology behind multilingual voice assistants, and gives two live demonstrations of voice assistants conversing in multiple languages.

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Why PolyAI?

No Additional Training Data Required

PolyAI voice assistants are already able to speak over 100 languages. You don't need to provide any training data or call recordings to get set up.

Add a New Language in Just 1 Week

PolyAI uses one multilingual model, which means we can set up support for a new language more quickly and efficiently than other providers.

Don’t Compromise on Customer Experience

PolyAI voice assistants can understand customers even when they use slang, have different accents, interrupt, ask questions and change their mind.