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A 5-star experience for every passenger

Take flight bookings, answer FAQs and offer supplementary services over the phone with a customer-led voice assistant

Listen to a real call

Customer-led voice assistants feel like speaking to a real person

Callers can speak naturally, interrupt, ask questions, and dive in and out of different topics.

For privacy purposes, voices have been changed and personal information has been redacted.

What can a customer-led voice assistant do
for your airline?

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Take flight bookings Take full flight bookings, including seating and luggage over the phone
Amend and cancel bookings Handle seat upgrades and cancellations
Take payments Securely take payments and handle refunds
Add-on purchases Take, amend and cancel purchases for add-ons like luggage, seating and other supplementary services
Loyalty services management Allow callers to check points and manage their accounts
FAQs Answer brand-level and ship-specific FAQs
Personalization for loyalty members Welcome loyal guests with personalized experiences
CSAT surveys Take a pulse on passenger experience with automated CSAT surveys

24/7/365 guest support with
no wait times

Offer consistent support all the time, every time with a voice assistant that doesn’t take breaks and never has a bad day.


Free up staff to focus on the customers who need them most

Empower your staff to build lasting customer relationships and let the voice assistant handle the routine calls.

Handle seasonal and unexpected call peaks

Whether calls spike due to summer holidays or unexpected weather conditions, your voice assistant scales up and down to match your demand.

Easy information collection with a PolyAI voice assistant in conversational AI

Access actionable data to optimize guest experiences

Find out why customers are calling in their own words and identify areas for improvement across the whole customer journey.

Escalate to the right person
without friction

Accurately route callers to the right person when the human touch is required.

PolyAI customers see real results


reduction in call volume
after 1 week of implementation
- Golden Nugget


ROI achieved in phase one
(with no new integrations)
- Global cruise line


increase in revenue
from taking 100% of missed calls
- FTSE100 hospitality company


languages spoken
by the same voice assistant
- Global delivery company


CSAT score
across all guest conversations
- Household name hotel chain


customer retention
- PolyAI

What could a customer-led voice assistant do for you?