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How Simplyhealth champions the customer in customer service automation

December 13, 2023


Simplyhealth is a leading health insurance provider in the UK on a mission to deliver digital-first, automated customer service. At PolyAI VOX 2023, Dan Eddie, Director of Customer Service at Simplyhealth, shared their transformative journey in leveraging AI to deliver effortless customer journeys that enhance customer service at scale.

Read on for the key takeaways of Simplyhealth’s digital transformation journey.

Tailoring solutions to specific challenges

A standout aspect of Simplyhealth’s AI integration is the targeted approach to solving industry-specific challenges. Simplyhealth understands the unique needs of its elderly customers, who are often digitally vulnerable and rely on the phone channel to access support. Many customers prefer to claim by paper, so addressing this was a priority.

Automating the process of sending paper claim forms not only streamlined operations but also demonstrated a commitment to serving vulnerable customers in a personalized way that meets their needs.

Elevating service levels through automation

At a time when recruitment is a challenge, rather than trying to hire new agents, deploying voice assistants has enabled Simplyhealth to handle high-volume FAQs immediately. With routine queries handled by a voice assistant, Simplyhealth has a team of multi-skilled customer service representatives who can focus on handling more complex customer interactions and ensure that the processing and payments of claims are as quick as possible.

“In 12 months working with PolyAI, customer satisfaction increased by 15 points, and our Trustpilot scores improved vastly.”

“We are processing and paying claims to 52% of our customers within 24 hours, which is fantastic. We’ve seen our satisfaction for online claiming is at 93%.”

Real-time adaptability and agile operations

Reflecting on Simplyhealth’s implementation of AI, Dan emphasized the need to adapt in real time. An agile approach and the capability to make swift adjustments will enable companies to stay ahead of customer needs. Agility will prove critical to contributing to the continuous improvement of automated processes.

“I was impressed by the support and agility of PolyAI. The ability to adapt at a moment’s notice, whether changing language, context, or other workflows, is so quick.”

Simplyhealth continues to innovate as the first company globally to use Salesforce for GPT-driven email and signals its forward-thinking approach to generative AI.


Simplyhealth’s commitment to digital-first, automated customer service has proven to be a transformative journey, setting a benchmark in the health insurance industry. By addressing specific challenges, elevating service levels, staying agile, and fostering a culture of continuous learning, Simplyhealth sets the standard for businesses looking to revolutionize their customer service landscape with AI.

Thank you so much to Dan for joining us at PolyAI VOX! You can watch all the talks on-demand now here.

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