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Stable, secure, and scalable voice assistants built for enterprises.

Customer-led voice assistants handle 50% of customer needs successfully and at scale: authenticating calls, completing transactions, answering questions, taking reservations, routing calls, and much more.

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Hearing is believing

Hear our breakthrough voice assistants in action.

Seamlessly plug into your existing customer tech stack.

Our voice platform makes the best of spoken language technologies, speech synthesis, and a combination of retrieval and generative AI models to deliver voice-first experiences in any channel.

Industry-leading spoken language technology

Overhaul your customer experience without technical risk.

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Generative AI

Leverage industry-leading generative large language models, specifically trained for customer service use cases.

Dialogue management

PolyAI’s patented approach to dialogue management is specifically designed to enable customers to complete transactions while retaining the flexibility to navigate the conversation in the way that feels most natural to them.

Proprietary NLU

A combination of high-performing NLU models to accurately extract intent and entities through natural conversations. Our proprietary ConveRT model has been benchmarked by the Salesforce Research team as the most accurate model for correct understanding without predefined intent. 

Real time SLU

A full Spoken Language Understanding (SLU) stack enables voice assistants to “fix” faulty speech recognition outputs in real-time.

United ASR

Leverage a combination of fine-tuned speech recognition solutions. Different models can be leveraged at different points in the conversation based on expected performance in various contexts, in order to ensure the most accurate understanding possible.

Natural speech synthesis

A combination of real and synthesized voices based on the voice profile of actual people. Create a life-like, on-brand conversational experience, encouraging customer engagement and also allowing real-time updating of the voice assistant to accommodate business and operational requirements.

Trusted AI


24/7 support with compliance certification to meet security requirements in every industry — even heavily regulated sectors.



No need to change your tech stack. Out-of-the-box and custom integrations make implementation safe and easy.



Real-time insights. No data gaps, manual compiling, or business decisions based on guesswork. 

Data and Insights


No need for a tech overhaul. PolyAI integrates with your existing tech stack.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take
to set up?

It takes about six weeks to build, integrate, and deploy a customer-led voice assistant. Don’t worry; if you can’t provide training data, we can get everything we need by speaking with your people.

How does this fit in with my contact center tech stack?

Calls are routed to the voice assistant through a SIP or PTSN integration into your CCaaS platform or telephony provider. Other systems can be integrated via APIs.

What languages do
you offer?

We offer 45 languages as standard, and counting. We are currently live in English, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, and more.

Can you automate complex conversations?

Yes. Using a combination of generative and retrieval AI models with our patented dialogue policy technology means our voice assistants can handle complex calls like troubleshooting, 

Do you offer chat?

Yes. We take a voice-first approach to conversation design to ensure the best, customer-led experiences, but we can offer customer-led assistants on any channel.

Can you hand calls over to our people?

Yes. Calls can be transferred to your people, along with all of the details the voice assistant has taken so far. Your people pick up the conversation where your assistant left off, and customers don’t have to repeat themselves. 

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