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The Science Behind PolyAI

Our team of dialogue and machine learning scientists are among the world’s leading experts in conversational AI, responsible for major breakthroughs embedded in popular voice assistants used by millions of people today.

We are now building the next generation of voice assistants capable of handling true human-level conversations in customer service.

4 different ways that a person can ask for a takeaway meal


Accurate Understanding in Any Circumstance and Language

Understand your customers better, in all channels and languages, with less time needed in training.

We continuously optimise the way our Natural Language Understanding (NLU) model works with automatic speech recognition (ASR) to understand a caller’s intent regardless of accents, background noise and patchy connections. We’re production-ready for voice; we offer advanced features around Text-To-Speech, recorded prompts, speech cadence and interruptions.

Our voice assistant is pre-trained on billions of conversations to handle the quirks of verbal conversations. It already knows when to hear ‘two’ instead of ‘too’, understands that ‘Echo’ is for ‘E’ and ‘credit card’ is different from ‘debit card’.

Convert robust voice assistants to text in days to support true omnichannel experiences.

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Contextual Awareness in Conversational AI


Human-Level Conversational Awareness

Extract more meaning from fewer, shorter utterances to support true human-level conversations.

Our NLU model is designed for contextual awareness at every stage of a conversation. This means PolyAI voice assistants remember where a conversation started as well as where it’s at currently. Customers are free to speak naturally, interrupting, asking questions and diving in and out of different topics. Our NLU model understands conversational cues to distinguish between otherwise ambiguous inputs.

Free up time from complex conversational design to deploy faster, with more confidence.

Easy information collection with a PolyAI voice assistant in conversational AI


Effortless Information Collection

Reduce customer effort by collecting information from customers intuitively, in the flow of conversation, to resolve enquiries.

We collect and validate information – such as dates, names or reference numbers – during the course of a conversation, even when it hasn’t been explicitly requested. Our voice assistants intelligently recall relevant information to answer questions, change information or complete transactions.

Less repetition and more accurate information means faster time to resolution.

Proactive Dialogue Management in Conversational AI


Proactive Dialogue Management

Nudge customers towards their goals despite unexpected digressions and off-topic questions, unlocking new levels of guided self-service and automation.

Our voice assistant helps customers navigate across different topics in natural conversation without being limited by predefined, convoluted dialogue trees. Our machine learning model selects the most relevant responses at every step of a conversation without relying on rigid ‘if-this-then-that’ flows.

Add new intents quickly and deploy updates to business logic seamlessly.

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