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Conversational data & insights

Gain insights into your customer conversations with detailed information on why your customers are calling and what they’re saying.

Understand customers, in their own words

Easily find answers with generative AI

Custom metrics to match your goals

Better understand your customers.

Quickly uncover patterns like recurring special requests or an increase in calls about a certain topic to identify opportunities for operational improvements and further automations.

Monitor voice assistant success.

Instantly understand how your PolyAI voice assistant is performing with data on AHT, call containment, FTE capacity provided and more.

Customize your dashboard for specific insights.

Easily access the metrics that are important to your business like booking type, cancellation reasons, special requests and more, for valuable business intelligence.

Easily find answers with generative AI.

Access data quickly and easily with a conversational interface that uses generative AI to answer specific queries, like “In the past three months, what have been the most common calls about parcel-delivery problems?”

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