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Who are we?


We think beyond what’s possible and set our sights on what the future of customer service should look like.


We work a fast moving space. We love when people try new ideas and give everyone the autonomy to do so.


We're building a safe and supportive workplace where every employee has opportunties to contribute, learn and grow.

“There is nothing more rewarding than having real people actually talk to the thing you’ve helped build. Working at PolyAI means having a huge impact every day, and experiencing the change you’re part of.”

We're creating a workplace that works for you.

Work where you want

Whether you want an office, to work from home, work while traveling or all of the above, we have an option for you.

Healthcare for the family

Your health comes first. We offer medical, dental and mental healthcare for you and your family.

Parental support for all

Access to comprehensive, personalised support for every path to parenthood - from preconception through to menopause.

Learning and leadership development

Whether you want to become a leader, hone your technical skills or start a new career path, we're here to help.

Sharing is caring

Your hard work makes our business possible. Join our share options plan and reap the rewards.

Treat yourself and your team

Make use of our social budget to treat your team. Go to a concert, have a meal, take a class - its up to you!

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