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Superhuman service for every customer.

Track orders, check inventory, process returns and more — without adding staff.

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What is PolyAI for retail?

PolyAI handles high-volume retail needs with the care and efficacy of a real person.

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How it works

Create and deploy a voice assistant that handles 50% or more of customer calls in as little as 6 weeks.


Design a unique brand voice to resolve complex calls.


Seamlessly plug into your existing customer tech stack.


Access actionable data to inform operational improvements.

Eliminate wait times and abandoned calls.

A voice assistant that sounds like your best staff member and never misses a call.

Remove WISMO calls from your call center.

Enable customers to track orders and reschedule deliveries, over the phone, without needing to speak to an agent — even when things get complicated.

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Drive customer loyalty with always-on support.

Let customers self-serve over the phone through natural conversations that feel like speaking to a real person.

Unlock insights to drive operational excellence.

Access new operational insights to drive improvements to customer experience and operations.

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The numbers speak for themselves.


reduction in call volume


CSAT score


languages spoken


calls answered, 24/7/365

Key integrations

No need for a tech overhaul. PolyAI integrates with your existing tech stack.

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Your trusted retail partner.


24/7 support with compliance certification to meet your needs including ISO 27001, SOC 2, PCI DSS, GDPR and more.



No need to change your tech stack. Out-of-the-box and custom integrations make implementation safe and easy.


Data and Insights

Real-time insights. No data gaps, manual compiling, or business decisions based on guesswork.

Data and Insights

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