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Get callers the right place, every time.

Find out why customers are calling and route them to the right place with a voice assistant that feels, sounds, and speaks like your dream customer service agent.

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What is PolyAI for call routing?

Accurately route calls without relying on keywords.

Listen to John's billing query

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What can a customer-led voice assistant do for call routing?

Accurately extract caller intent from even long and complex queries.

Answer FAQs and send links via SMS to encourage self-service.

Take down details and ask clarifying questions to reduce call handle time.

Identify and authenticate customers.

Hand information over to your agent desktop for faster resolution.

Say goodbye to misrouted calls.

Give your customers the speed of automated service with the personal touch of your best staff member.

Understand every caller, however they speak.

No more keypad stabbing or shouting AGENT. Let callers explain themselves in their own words, ask clarifying questions, and transfer calls to where they need to go with a conversational assistant that feels like talking to your best member of staff.

Integrate into your existing technology with ease.

PolyAI integrates with all major CRMs, CCaaS and telephony providers to get your customers where they need to be.

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Send tickets to live agents to reduce call handle time.

Take down essential information ask clarifying questions and hand everything over to your people, creating a seamless customer experience with no need for repetition.

The numbers speak for themselves.


reduction in call volume


CSAT score


languages spoken


calls answers 24/7/365

"This has been transformative in terms of ensuring our clients get high quality, impartial, free and confidential advice."

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