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Buyer's guide to generative AI in the contact center

We are delighted to join forces with our partner Twilio to bring you the first in a series covering Generative AI and how it can be used to your benefit towards your company’s contact center.

In this webinar you can:

  • Gain insights about Generative AI, and how it is beginning to impact the CCaaS space
  • Learn about PolyAI, and how we use Generative AI to create a customer-led approach to voice automation
  • Hear how Twilio’s strategic partnership with PolyAI takes away the complexity of conversational AI, and catch a demo of PolyAI’s integration with Twilio Flex
  • Listen to real customer calls that showcase PolyAI’s voice assistants being powered by Generative AI
  • Familiarize with the “Buyer’s Guide”, which will enable your company’s buyers to actually identify use cases, evaluate vendors, contract and ultimately deploy a customer-led voice assistant in as little as 6-8 weeks

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