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How to reduce call abandonment in your contact center with voice AI

When customers pick up the phone because they need a company’s help, they often face long wait times and pre-recorded messages telling them to go online instead. It’s difficult for customers not to take it personally, especially in a world where they can just as easily take their business elsewhere.

Reducing call abandonment goes beyond hiring more staff or outsourcing support. It’s about finding a solution that provides instant assistance, cuts wait times and empowers customers to resolve issues efficiently.

This guide provides a framework for assessing the severity of your abandonment problem and proposes a step-by-step approach to solving call abandonment with voice AI.

What you'll find in this guide

How to assess your abandonment rate problem and map out the root causes.

How you can set goals for an effective solution and start creating an efficient, engaging, and enjoyable customer experience.

How to implement voice AI alongside your existing technology.

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