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How a popular retail bank resolves 30% of calls with a customer-led voice assistant


Financial services

Use Cases

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Call routing
  • SMS


High fluctuations in call volume combined with difficulty staffing the contact center.


A voice assistant that stablizes call volume and builds customer trust through empathetic voice experiences.


30% reduction in call volume.



An increase in call volume was putting pressure on the bank’s contact center, which was struggling to hire skilled agents.

While call volume was consistently high, the bank also experienced regular peaks, corresponding with special offers. Increasing concerns around the rising cost of living meant more customers than ever before were calling to ask questions and carry out transactions. A combination of high call volume and limited agents to handle complex engagements meant customers were often

routed to the wrong department, causing increased wait times. As a result, the bank’s CSAT began to suffer.

The bank invested in online self-service to reduce pressure on the contact center, including a chatbot that encouraged customers to complete tasks online. With a predominantly non-digital native customer base with financial or time-sensitive questions, customers continued to pick up the phone.


Taking the complexity out of customer calls

The varied nature of each call made it crucial for the customer to explain their issues in their own words and trust that the voice assistant understood.

Legacy voice technologies sound robotic and keyword-driven experiences make customers feel restricted in how they explain their queries.

The PolyAI voice assistant gives callers the freedom to speak in their ow words, including non-technical language, tell stories and interject when they want.

When the bank’s customers trusted that the voice assistant understood them and provided a genuinely helpful response, they engaged in the conversation further rather than insisting on speaking to an agent.

An empathetic tone of voice

Calls to the bank can include sensitive topics such as reporting the death of a family member. The voice assistant intelligently changes to an empathetic and understanding tone unique to the bank’s brand that guides the caller to a resolution, even in challenging circumstances.

Unlocking the bank’s investment in digital self-service

Many customer queries can be solved using the bank’s online channels, such as accessing online application forms. When callers require this information, the voice assistant bridges the gap between voice and digital channels by providing a link via SMS to specific online resources.



calls resolved with no API integrations.


CSAT maintained before and after introduction of the voice assistant.

Upskilling and redeploying agents

24/7 contact center operating hours meant late shifts and weekend work, impacting the personal lives and preferences of Customer Service Representatives.

With the voice assistant handling repetitive calls, the bank is using the time gained back to commit to strengthening agents’ skills and employability while improving CSR well-being and work-life balance.

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