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How Golden Nugget automates 34% of hotel reservation calls with call center voice AI



Use Cases

  • Reservations
  • Payments
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Call routing
  • SMS


Brian Jeppesen, Director, Contact Center Operations, Landry’s

Golden Nugget is a luxury chain of hotels and casinos operated by Landry’s Hospitality. Golden Nugget has six locations in Nevada, Louisiana, New Jersey, Illinois, and Mississippi.


Golden Nugget Hotels & Casinos were experiencing increased call volume, reduced staff, and the new task of handling PBX calls.


A voice assistant that can take complex hotel room reservations over the phone through natural conversations.


The voice assistant took 3,000 reservations for one hotel in just 1 month = $600,000 in revenue.



Increased call volume and reduced staff led Golden Nugget to invest in pioneering call center voice AI to assist the team with handling calls to the hotel PBX operators.

Golden Nugget was looking for a complete solution to meet the overwhelming reservations demand coming through on the phone. Without the staff to handle the influx, they needed a way to automate the call booking process without compromising on the guest experience.

With 87% of these calls fully automated, Golden Nugget was confident that the assistant could handle their most complex call type – reservations.

Although online booking is available, 70% of Golden Nugget hotel room reservations are made over the phone. Each reservation takes around 4-5 minutes and requires:

  • Loyalty member or guest details
  • Room type
  • Dates
  • Number of people
  • Deposit


PolyAI worked with Golden Nugget to empower the voice assistant to take room reservations over the phone through natural and free-flowing conversations.

While the call center voice AI was not designed to replace their call center or PBX teams entirely, it significantly reduced the volume of reps needed and wait time for guests and allowed those employees to give their full attention to more complex reservations or other operational needs while the voice assistant answered questions about when the pool opens, restaurant hours and so on.

Reservation calls are complex with broad variability, with 15 different room types available, different levels of loyalty club membership, and availability. The voice assistant guides customers through the booking process in a way that feels natural and friendly but still follows business logic.



all calls fully handled by the voice assistant


non-reservation calls handled by the voice assistant


calls answered, 24/7/365

The voice assistant currently handles 34% of all calls to the Golden Nugget central reservations line. This is the equivalent of 3 days of agent time per week. Within just two months of launch, the voice assistant already averages over 300 completed reservations per week, which includes taking secure payment details over the phone. PolyAI’s team of dialogue scientists, linguists and software engineers continue to work with Golden Nugget to execute on a roadmap of continuous improvement initiatives. These include features such as negotiating dates with a caller depending on a combination room availability and personalized offers, or incorporating offer codes from email marketing campaigns.

“It’s a great experience. It doesn’t have a bad day, it shows up to work every day, 24/7. I wish I could hire more agents that were that nice!

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