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Revolutionizing customer experience with Caesars Entertainment

November 29, 2023


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In the world of high-revenue business, the importance of exceptional customer experience cannot be overstated. During his presentation at PolyAI VOX 2023, Pavan Kapur, Chief Commercial Officer at Caesars Entertainment, shared insights into revolutionizing customer experiences and how to elevate your business through customer-centric strategies.

Here, we share those insights that promise to reshape the way you view customer engagement.

1. Connect customer experience with revenue

Investments in your business, whether in infrastructure or attractions, should translate into a positive customer experience. It’s not just about drawing in customers but ensuring there is a deliberate focus on creating a memorable experience from the initial reservation search to the final check-out. It’s essential to recognize that a satisfied customer is directly tied to revenue growth, making customer engagement an integral part of your overall strategy.

“Many of our guests save up all year in order to have a great vacation. It’s our responsibility to make sure that they have a great experience, and that comes all the way from when they search for a reservation.”

2. Swift resolutions and prioritizing customer care

Customer time is valuable, and efficient issue resolution is essential. Prioritizing prompt customer care isn’t just for business efficiency. Fast issue resolution builds trust and contributes to the growth of your customer base. Quickly addressing customer needs is a simple yet effective strategy for building long-term loyalty.

“One of the things we’re trying to improve is how do we get someone who has traveled all day seamlessly up to their room and start enjoying their vacation? There are technological advancements like mobile keys and kiosk check-in. We want to make sure that we’re leveraging all those to the way that the customer wants to be treated.”

3. Enhance the entire customer life cycle

From a user-friendly online experience to personalized interactions during check-in, all touchpoints should be considered to elevate every step of the customer journey. Using technology to streamline processes and focus on personalization will enable you to cater to diverse customer preferences. A comprehensive approach to customer engagement ensures you stand out in a crowded market.

“We’re making massive investments in all areas from our website, mobile app, and contact centers. We want to be able to communicate with the guests through the channels they want.”

4. Measure what matters

When evaluating the impact of customer-centric initiatives, focus on metrics that truly matter. While customer satisfaction surveys offer insights, for Pavan, the ultimate key performance indicator (KPI) is the frequency of repeat visitors. Building a loyal customer base that consistently chooses your brand over competitors is the litmus test for success. Track the growth of your loyalty database and understand the share of wallet recaptured to gauge the true commercial impact.

“Most people vote with their wallet. And that means they return to your property. So, are we growing our loyalty database? Are those customers staying with us, or did they choose to go to a competitor? And then when they’re with us, how much of the share of wallet are we recapturing?”

5. Continuous innovation: A commitment to excellence

Hospitality is a dynamic industry, and customer expectations are ever-evolving. Beyond metrics and technology, a commitment to continuous innovation is the key to success.
The hospitality industry is witnessing real-life applications of automation, and it’s the businesses that embrace change that lead the way in shaping the future of customer engagement.

“When you use an automated solution, there’s no hold time waiting for a human, so things get answered quickly and in a timely manner.”


As the business landscape evolves, placing customer experience at the forefront is non-negotiable. The success of Caesars Entertainment demonstrates the impact of prioritizing customer satisfaction. By aligning revenue goals with customer-centric strategies, businesses can navigate industry changes and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of customer engagement.

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