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Nikola Mrkšić on the Practical AI Podcast

April 9, 2021


PolyAI CEO and Co-founder Nikola Mrkšić spoke to Daniel Whitenack and Chris Benson last week on the Practical AI podcast. The podcast’s topic is next-gen voice assistants, and Nikola takes Daniel and Chris on a deep dive into conversational AI, discussing the next generation of voice assistants capable of handling truly human-level conversations. They explore the technology that allows for intelligent multi-turn voice-enabled dialogue, and how PolyAI harnesses that technology for practical use: automating customer service over the phone across a diverse range of industries to improve customer loyalty and retention, reduce call center costs and prove ROI within months.

Nikola talks about how COVID-19 increased the number of customer calls, proving that customers still need over-the-phone service while also reducing the amount of available call center staff, necessitating voice automation like never before. They go over which use cases are best suited for voice automation and which use cases are better suited to online chatbots.

Listen to the podcast here.


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