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Enhancing customer experience: Fertitta Entertainment wins big with AI innovation

April 7, 2024


For the Fertitta-owned dining, hospitality, entertainment, and gaming brands Landry’s and Golden Nugget, success is driven by great guest experiences. It appears they are delivering just that after winning two recent Frost and Sullivan CC awards for their PolyAI voice assistant deployments.

The awards program identifies best-in-class companies demonstrating the hallmarks of a progressive, innovative, and forward-focused enterprise in customer experience strategy and implementation.

Revolutionizing customer service: Landry’s wins ‘Mr. Roboto’ Award for AI excellence

Landry’s scooped up the “Mr. Roboto” award for their excellence in implementing AI for improved customer interactions and business insights. And the numbers speak for themselves.

Post-COVID, customers often waited up to an hour to have their calls answered. Over 50% were hanging up and calling someone else. Many of these calls were for simple questions or requests to be transferred to a department like housekeeping or for check-in times.

Landry’s implemented a PolyAI voice assistant to look up casino offers, book reservations, and process payments without waiting for an agent. In 2023, the voice assistant booked over 27,000 reservations, creating over $7 million in revenue.

Innovating with voice AI

The recognition for their success didn’t stop there. Landry’s returned to the stage for the “Virtual Insanity” award, recognizing excellence in self-service, including virtual assistants, web self-service, interactive voice response, and integrated customer collaboration.

With a shortage of contact center staff, the decision to implement a voice assistant led to the resolution of 30% of calls and effectively performed the workload equivalent to approximately 24 full-time employees.

Brian Jeppesen, Director of Contact Center Operations for Fertitta Entertainment, joined by some of the PolyAI team at the Frost & Sullivan CC awards!


By implementing a PolyAI voice assistant, Landry’s and Golden Nugget have streamlined processes and generated significant revenue, demonstrating their dedication to revolutionizing the guest experience. The team at PolyAI is looking forward to supporting Landry’s elevating guest satisfaction even further.

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