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Can call center voice AI take the pressure off the contact center AND improve CX? PolyAI VOX 2023 recap

November 17, 2023


PolyAI’s first-ever annual event, PolyAI VOX 2023 had an agenda packed full of innovative companies and industry pioneers, our expert speakers addressed the critical question: Can call center voice AI take the pressure off the contact center AND actively improve CX?

Operational efficiency vs. CX

PolyAI’s CEO and Co-founder, Nikola Mrkšić, kicked off the day by addressing the historical tug-of-war between operational efficiency and customer experience. Nikola emphasized that with constantly evolving technology, operational and strategic customer service are no longer conflicting goals but two sides of the same coin.

The opening keynote highlighted the significance of developing technology solutions with a customer-centric focus, driving engagement that naturally creates efficiencies.

A roadmap to contact center AI

With eyes on the future, Terri DeMent, Director of Consumer Services at Nestlé Purina PetCare, shared a roadmap for introducing call center voice AI, highlighting that AI isn’t a one-time implementation; it’s an evolving process.

Terri stressed the journey into AI is just beginning and encouraged organizations to continually assess, imagine, and question possibilities. Successful implementation requires close collaboration with technology partners and conducting regular testing to ensure a seamless and optimal digital experience for consumers and agents alike.

Launching a voice assistant that speaks over ten languages

Paul Pugal, Managing Director of Customer Experience, shared insights into how he launched a multilingual voice assistant that speaks over ten languages, as well as the challenges posed by COVID-19 and the need for a flexible and advanced solution, leading to the selection of PolyAI and its crucial language capabilities.

The focus on achieving automation metrics while delivering a positive customer experience highlighted the balance Paul was looking to achieve for FedEx.

Initially launched in the UK, the project rapidly expanded globally, highlighting effective internal communication and the sharing of successful practices within the organization.

Continuous improvement remained a key theme, as Paul stressed the importance of ongoing monitoring, feedback, and adjustments. The recommendation echoes the need to be brave during the initial deployment, closely monitoring results and making necessary changes to ensure long-term success.

Championing the customer in customer service automation

In the first panel of the day, Dan Eddie from Simplyhealth, Kurt Wilson from Hopper, and Brian Jeppesen from Landry’s focused on the pivotal shift towards customer-led strategies and the emphasis on crafting interactions that aren’t just efficient but also personalized and enriching for the customer.

The panelists collectively advised a practical “crawl-walk-run” approach, urging businesses to start with simple implementations that address immediate pain points and gradually expand based on customer data. Lessons learned early on can help with even faster implementation.

Brian Jeppesen emphasized the delicate balance between championing the customer experience and achieving cost efficiencies through automation, positioning PolyAI as a solution to hiring and attrition challenges.

Revolutionizing customer experience at Caesars Entertainment

Pavan Kapur joined us to share insights into how Caesars Entertainment is revolutionizing customer experience. He addressed the critical link between guest satisfaction and revenue, emphasizing the importance of delivering an exceptional customer journey from reservation to departure. Caesars’ commitment to transforming the entire customer lifecycle involves significant investments in technology, with a focus on personalization and seamless communication.

Caesars’ strategic approach includes utilizing PolyAI to curate personalized experiences for customers based on data from their extensive loyalty database.

Pavan’s emphasis on the ultimate measure of success being customer loyalty and repeat visits reflects Caesars’ commitment to not only driving revenue but also ensuring a consistently outstanding and memorable experience for their guests.

AI for disruption: Using call center voice AI for competitive differentiation

The final panel of the day featured industry leaders Mike Hansen from Carter’s | OshKosh B’gosh, Dan Savino from SelectQuote, and Bryan Delmont from Bonfe, whose insights highlighted the versatility of call center voice AI applications across home services, insurance, and retail.

The discussion centered on the strategic necessity of AI for competitive differentiation and the critical role it plays in enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency. The panelists shared success stories, highlighting how partnering with PolyAI has contributed to reducing hiring needs, handling seasonal challenges, and paving the way for future innovations.

Customer-led conversations in the age of generative AI

Rounding off the day, PolyAI’s VP of Product, Devidas Desai, explained that we are witnessing a relentless surge of the generative wave. It’s massive, transformative, and is here to redefine customer experience. It has the power to elevate everyone who’s ready to surf and pummel all those that aren’t.

To harness the power of generative AI, Devidas outlined three key strategies:

1. Control & configuration

Control is pivotal. Unlike the loose reins of the typical “do-it-yourself” voice assistant APIs, look for tools that offer you the reins for complete control.

Ensure that your assistant continues to represent your brand – its behavior, its voice, and its knowledge base.

2. Insights

Look for a tool that provides insights at scale and gives your business the power to accelerate a customer-centric flywheel, leaving competitors even further behind.

3. Delightful customer experiences

Focus on delivering customer experiences that are genuinely enjoyable, that resonate deeply, and that transform users into loyal advocates.


That’s a wrap on PolyAI VOX 2023! It was a day of groundbreaking insights and discussions, marking the beginning of an exciting time in customer service automation. The message is clear that AI can be a catalyst for positive change, creating consistent, personalized, and memorable experiences for customers across industries.

See you next year!

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