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We are delighted to have Landry’s Director of Contact Center Operations Brian Jeppesen sharing his experience working with PolyAI and our partner, Cendyn.

In this talk we will share the journey along with results achieved so far. We’ll be covering:

  • What challenges was the Golden Nugget looking to overcome in the call center?
  • How PolyAI and Cendyn integrated into Golden Nugget’s technology ecosystem
  • How PolyAI deployed a customer-led voice assistant in just 4 weeks, and how the solution then scaled across more complex use cases with Cendyn
  • How the voice assistant handles 34% of hotel reservation calls
  • What results did Brian achieve from the customer experience, revenue and operational perspectives?
  • During the webinar we’ll play real calls between guests and our customer-led conversational assistant so you can hear the solution in action!

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