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AI you can trust.

Being customer-led means having privacy, security, and compliance at the heart of your tech stack.

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AI your customers can trust

  • Futureproof authentication: Use natural conversations to authenticate your customers…not vulnerable biometric technology.
  • Ensure that every interaction is private and secure, in every industry, in every country across the globe.

Compliance certification

We have compliance certifications and protocols in place to ensure that every single interaction is private and secure.

Platform security

We invest as much in our platform security as we do in our product – your product is only as good as your ability to protect it.

  • ISO 27001-certified
  • Physical security – hosted on AWS providing robust physical data center security
  • Always-on data infrastructure – designed to scale, our infrastructure runs 24/7 to ensure high availability with efficient load balancing.
  • Audits, testing and third-party monitoring – ensure that our voice assistants are secure and compliant at all times

Ethical and safe generative AI

Smart, gated generative AI use – putting GenAI to work in the right parts of your customer conversations, promoting brand safety while benefiting from the immense knowledge and increased empathy of a generative-powered conversation.

Key integrations

No need for a tech overhaul. PolyAI integrates with your existing tech stack.

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We've got you covered

24/7 data infrastructure

Our infrastructure runs 24/7 to ensure high availability, with efficient load-balancing that is designed to be scalable to meet your changing requirements.

Aligned with National Cyber Security Centre Guidelines

Never worry about the security of your customers’ data.

Regular audits & testing

We conduct regular audits and continuous testing with third-party penetration testing firms to ensure that our voice assistants are secure and compliant at all times.

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