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Guest-led voice assistants for restaurants: The definitive buying guide for reservations teams

Many restaurants have invested heavily in digital booking systems and apps to reduce pressure on the phone channel. But guests are still calling to make reservations.

It’s a hard habit to break, and many diners still rely on the convenience of picking up the phone to make a reservation on the go.

Big restaurant groups have invested in outsourced call centers or building in-house central reservation teams to handle phone calls. But this is an expensive option, eating into already overstretched budgets.

Times are changing, and a new generation of voice assistants promises to answer 100% of restaurant phone calls 24/7/365, ensuring that restaurants never have to miss another call.

What you'll find in this guide

How restaurants are creating value with voice assistants

The digital experience initiatives restaurants are focusing on

The voice AI buying process and key areas to consider

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