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Voice assistants for marketing: Your contact center as a strategic brand asset

February 22, 2024


More than ever, consumers are being pressured to buy more, share more data, express loyalty via subscriptions and introduce new business via referral schemes.

But as consumers are asked to give more, economic challenges have driven brands to cut back on customer service.

There is another way. AI-powered voice assistants that speak and sound like real people enable companies to transform their contact centers from budget guzzlers to centers of brand excellence.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at how voice assistants can support marketing teams and turn your contact center into a strategic brand asset, creating a consistent brand experience that customers will love.

Seamlessly integrate voice into your omnichannel marketing strategy

Your contact center is one of the most direct channels of communicating with your customers, offering huge potential to further the reach of your campaigns.

However, using your contact center to support marketing campaigns can feel like an operational nightmare. Finding a more nimble way to enable campaigns will elevate your contact center into a marketing asset, creating a new channel to drive brand awareness.

By leveraging voice assistants to automate phone calls, you can roll out campaigns and special offers more efficiently than you can by training your entire customer support team.

Offer next-level personalization

Accessing customer history instantly gives your marketing team the power to provide highly personalized experiences.

By using data from past purchases and support interactions, you can create bespoke offers and tailor hyper-personalized campaigns to turn contact center interactions into valuable marketing opportunities.

Voice assistants transform your contact center into a revenue generator by customizing experiences based on individual preferences, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Bring first-party customer data collection to the contact center

Your contact center serves as a frontline observer, capturing customer behavior and trends. By gaining a real-time understanding of customer needs and concerns, your marketing team can access a valuable source of information. This data is essential for refining marketing strategies to align with your customers’ needs.

Voice assistants play a crucial role in collecting first-party data directly from customer conversations. This allows for detailed insights into the reasons behind customer inquiries and their specific feedback.

Drive customer loyalty through support channels

Customer loyalty isn’t just about offering quality products; it’s also about providing exceptional support. Consistent experiences with your contact center builds confidence and reliability in your brand.

With customer-led voice assistants, you can extend your support channels to operate 24/7. This constant availability builds stronger relationships with your customers, enhancing their overall experience.

A reliable and responsive contact center becomes essential for customer loyalty, as customers appreciate the convenience and assurance of knowing your brand is there for them when they need it.


Adopting AI-powered voice assistants in your contact center is about more than cost-effective, scalable support; it’s about creating meaningful customer experiences and lasting connections.

This approach streamlines marketing campaigns, enhances personalization, collects valuable customer data, and fosters customer loyalty through consistent, reliable support.

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