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Top CX mistakes brands need to address now

February 21, 2024


We all know that CX impacts how customers perceive brands, but many contact centers are making critical mistakes that are actively harming customer experience.

In this blog, we’ll break down common mistakes that might damage your customer relationships with actionable advice on how to avoid them.

1. Hiding your phone number

Imagine needing assistance, but all you can find is an automated chat option buried within a maze of self-service pages. Frustrating, right?

Customers notice when there’s a big difference between the effort a company puts into acquiring them and the support they provide when issues arise.

If phone support isn’t an option, your self-service touchpoints need to address customer queries effectively. Don’t leave customers feeling abandoned after the sale – maintaining a connection is key.

Consider implementing call center voice AI solutions for cost-effective, immediate, and accessible support over the phone, eliminating the feeling of abandonment in the moments that matter.

2. Failing to consider your brand during customer interactions

Your brand is more than just a logo or a tagline; it’s a set of values and promises that should resonate throughout every customer interaction, from initial contact to issue resolution.

Customers value consistency. If your brand is known for being warm, supportive, and helpful, these traits must come through in your customer service. A fragmented experience, where the brand feels different during various touchpoints, can confuse customers and erode trust. Align every aspect of your business with your brand values to create a seamless and memorable customer journey.

3. Investing in too many digital touchpoints

With countless digital channels to choose from, it’s tempting for brands to try and be everywhere at once for their customers. But being a jack-of-all-trades can often mean being a master of none.

Companies can end up spreading themselves too thin by having multiple touchpoints without delivering a great experience on any of them.

69% of customers will contact a business via phone call first before trying other methods when seeking assistance. Understand your customers and meet them on the channels they want to use.

4. Using outdated solutions

Outdated solutions like Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems often lead to customer frustration. Instead of creating a natural conversation, IVRs offer touch-tone menus and force customers to think in terms predefined by the company, making it difficult for them to categorize their issues accurately.

The limitations of touch-tone IVRs result in misrouted calls, where customers are bounced between departments, increasing the effort required to resolve their problems.

Look for automated solutions that give customers the freedom to speak however they want, no matter how long or complicated their issue, and the confidence they can resolve their problems without needing to shout “Agent!”.

5. Not personalizing the experience

Imagine finally getting through to customer support, only to find that the agent has no knowledge of your previous interactions or who you are. This lack of personalization forces customers to repeat their queries, making the resolution process longer and more frustrating.

Identify areas where different elements of your tech stack can talk to each other to provide up-to-date and accurate information on your customers. This will empower our business to deliver tailored interactions for every customer.


Every customer interaction contributes to the overall perception of your brand. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and adapting to evolving expectations, brands can avoid potential mistakes and create positive and lasting impressions that build loyalty and trust.

If you want to let your customers speak naturally, interrupt, change topics — and always have a fantastic customer experience, speak to us today.

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