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The 10 easiest retail call flows to automate with call center voice AI

December 5, 2023


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Using call center voice AI to handle customer service calls is a great way to increase contact center capacity, improve customer experience, and drive operational excellence.

Here are the 10 easiest call flows to automate to get you started on your transformation journey.

Call routing

Instead of having to select an option from an oversimplified (and yet, somehow still complicated) IVR, why not start every call by asking customers, ‘How can I help?’ Customer-led voice assistants can use the responses to ask clarifying questions and route the call to the right place.


Voice assistants can slash call handle time by over a minute by handling authentication processes, taking customer information like name, ZIP code, account number, order number, and answers to secret questions to identify and verify callers.

Account management

You probably have digital options for customers to update phone numbers, addresses, guest details, and more, but still they continue to pick up the phone. A voice assistant can handle these simple tasks while your team focuses on more complex calls that better suit their skills.


Allow callers to check on the status of an order and ask questions about returns, rescheduling deliveries, and more for a more holistic self-service option for order management.

Bookings and reservations

Callers can make, edit, and cancel services or fitting bookings through natural conversation, negotiating dates and time slots, and asking questions to help them select the best options.


Voice assistants can answer frequently (and not-so-frequently) asked questions and can be used to share information about new policies or special offers.


Eliminate the risk of call center staff taking sensitive payment details and vastly reduce call handle time by having a PCI-compliant voice assistant take deposits and payments over the phone.


Automate time-consuming calls like troubleshooting and technical support with a voice assistant that can guide callers through complex processes in the same way your agents would.


Offer personalized service to your customers via a simple API integration with your back-end systems.

Multilingual support

Speak your customers’ language with a multilingual voice assistant to offer accessible and inclusive support to all of your customers.


Call center voice AI is a great way to handle common calls, freeing up your team to provide more value and improving customer experience across all touchpoints.

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