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PolyAI partners with Ultimate to offer customer-led experiences across channels

June 15, 2023


PolyAI has partnered with Ultimate to bring its multi-modal, chat-based customer support automation platform to its customers.

Ultimate shares PolyAI’s focus on the customer in customer service.

For PolyAI, this means customer-led voice assistants that allow callers to speak naturally, interrupt, ask questions, and dive in and out of different topics without the need to repeat themselves. “I was struck from day one on how lifelike the voice automation solutions from PolyAI were,” said Sylvain Mlodyszewski, Director of Partnerships at Ultimate. “After a few exchanges, it only seemed natural to partner up to provide our customers with best-in-class solutions for a seamless experience!”

Through our partnership with Ultimate, enterprises can now also access more native conversational capabilities, in 109 languages, across messaging, social media and email automation where the customer interaction is more naturally conducted over text – for example, buttons, free-text fields rich media are convenient and native options to offer and collect information for customer support over messaging channels.

“We’re excited to connect PolyAI’s best-in-class capabilities in voice with Ultimate’s advanced, multi-modal capabilities in chat to help enterprises deliver the most engaging and human-like experiences across every channel for their customers,” said Michael Chen, Head of Partnerships at PolyAI.

Combining Ultimate’s industry-leading customer support automation platform and PolyAI’s next-generation voice capabilities means that enterprises can now offer the most natural, customer-led experiences across phone, SMS, email, social media and messaging channels.

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