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How customer-led voice assistants are transforming the holiday season for retailers

April 14, 2023


Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and January sales: Your customers are ready to make a lot of purchases over the holiday season. As a result, your call center is likely inundated with customer phone calls, and it’s all you can do to keep your head above water.

Margins are already tight, and retailers are often unable or unwilling to invest in customer service. The call center is considered a cost center, while customer service leaders are still expected to meet demanding service levels.

Customer service leaders will look to automation to meet demand, and many will have had bad experiences with voice technologies. Think conversational IVRs that open with, “Please say in a few words why you’re calling,” and then fail to understand what a customer says.

For too long, customer service leaders have been unable to rely on automated solutions to fully resolve customer queries over the phone.

Conversational AI for retailers

Putting customers in the driver’s seat with customer-led voice assistants

To accurately resolve customer queries, voice assistants must be able to do two things:

  1. Give customers the freedom to speak however they want. This means speaking in their own words, no matter how long or complicated the story, interrupting, asking questions, and diving in and out of different topics.
  2. Give customers the confidence that they can resolve their problems without needing to speak to an agent.

Customer-led voice assistants give customers the freedom to speak however they like. They earn trust by understanding callers and delivering helpful responses through natural conversations.

In our latest guide, How customer-led voice assistants are transforming the holiday season for retailers, we cover seven ways customer-led voice assistants can help retailers exceed service levels this holiday season.

In the guide, you’ll learn the following:

  • How to offer more efficient, accessible, and natural ways to interact with your brand
  • How retailers can provide a consistent brand experience across every touchpoint.
  • How to give time and resources back to the contact center during the busiest period in the retail calendar

Transform your holiday season by downloading our guide here

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