PolyAI named to Forbes AI 50 2023 list
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On-Demand Webinar

Build a Multilingual Virtual Assistant in
10 Days

Join us as we explore how businesses like yours can better serve customers with multilingual virtual assistants.

In this content-packed webinar you’ll learn:

  • How advanced conversational AI can understand accents, slang and dialects across voice and text channels 
  • How to scale great CX across under-resourced languages
  • How to create consistent, on-brand multinational customer experiences in just 10 days
Webinar - Build a Multilingual Virtual Assistant in 10 Days with PolyAI and Deutsche Telekom

About the Webinar

PolyAI’s Emmanuel Sevrin and Ivan Vulić PhD have spent years working on conversational AI agents with multilingual capabilities. They explain how PolyAI is able to create multilingual voice assistants in as little as 10 days.

Throughout the webinar they highlight the challenges and opportunities for large enterprises, and more specifically telcos, to provide multilingual options for customers. 

Anita Jakimovska from Deutsche Telekom also joined us to share her perspective on providing excellent experiences across multiple languages with PolyAI.

Watch a live multilingual demo

This is a clip from a webinar earlier this year that shows PolyAI Cofounder Eddy Su talking to a live PolyAI voice assistant in:
🇪🇸  Spanish
🇨🇳  Mandarin Chinese
🇬🇧  English
and back to 🇨🇳  Mandarin Chinese

The voice assistant is able to identify each language spoken and respond in the same language. This technology is an incredible break-through for companies with multilingual customer bases, allowing them to provide superhuman customer service in their customers’ language.