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PolyAI Webinars

Learn more about conversational AI and voicebots from industry experts in PolyAI’s webinars, live and on-demand.

August 2023

Automating satisfaction: How AI will strengthen the customer experience

Join a cross-industry panel of special guests who’ll share their journey deploying AI voice assistants and how they’ve utilized the transformation

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June 2023

Buyer’s guide to generative AI in the contact center

We are delighted to join forces with our partner Twilio to bring you the first in a series covering Generative AI and how it can be used to your benefit towards your company’s contact center.

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April 2023

The new frontier of AI for hotels

We are delighted to have Landry’s Director of Contact Center Operations Brian Jeppesen sharing his experience of working with PolyAI and our partner, Cendyn to maximize room reservations with an AI-powered call center

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Superhuman phone automation with FourteenIP and PolyAI

January 2023

Superhuman phone automation

Join Stuart Barr, Head of AI at Fourteen IP and Michael Chen, Head of Partnerships at PolyAI to learn how over the past year, PolyAI and Fourteen IP have been building a new hotel concierge voicebot, Evolution Virtual Agent or EVA, and deployed it across properties at Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt and Choice Hotels.

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Webinar: Digitizing the phone channel

September 2022

Digitizing the phone channel

Join Vishal Samani, Business Change Manager at Whitbread and Yan Zhang, COO at PolyAI to learn how Whitbread deployed a superhuman voice assistant to take calls for 173 Beefeater sites, achieving better business outcomes in a challenging labour market.

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November 2021

The Voice Assistance Challenge: Exceeding Customer Expectations

The quality of conversational experience has been the barrier for mainstream acceptance of voice AI. In this webinar with Opus Research, we showcase the new technologies that are now enabling enterprises to automate truly delightful customer experiences over the voice channel.

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image of speakers for the live webinar: How Landry's Golden nugget handles 87% of phone calls without staff

September 2021

How Landry’s Golden Nugget Handles 87% of Phone Calls Without Staff

Live-streamed from HITEC Dallas 2021, we were joined by Brian Jeppesen, Director of Contact Center Operations at Landry’s to talk about how Landry’s Golden Nugget was able to transform and scale their caller experience using a voice assistant. Brian had expected PolyAI’s voice assistant to handle 30-40% of calls at the start, but from day one it handled 87%.

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Webinar - Build a Multilingual Virtual Assistant in 10 Days with PolyAI and Deutsche Telekom

JUNE 2021

Build a Multilingual Virtual Assistant in 10 days

Join us as we explore how businesses like yours can better serve customers with multilingual virtual assistants.

In this content-packed webinar you’ll learn:

  • How advanced conversational AI can understand accents, slang and dialects across voice and text channels
  • How to scale great CX across under-resourced languages
  • How to create consistent, on-brand multinational customer experiences in just 10 days
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Webinar - Break up with bad voice design

May 2021

Break Up With Bad Voice Design

Learn tips & tricks to designing enterprise voice assistants that your customers will love.

In this webinar, PolyAI’s Nathan Liu (Senior Product Manager) and Michael Chen (Strategy & Partnerships) deep dive into what it takes to create great voice design within conversational AI. They discuss everything from phrasing to latency, grammar to voice actors. You’ll also hear real-life examples from enterprises in banking, hospitality, and telco.

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One question asked in English, Serbian and Chinese by a PolyAI voice assistant

MARCH 2021

How to port conversational AI into any language in a week

Join VUX’s Kane Simms and PolyAI’s Eddy Su, Daniela Gerz and Jason Misium to discuss what it takes to port a truly multilingual voice assistant within a week.

  • Learn from the experts how you can give your brand a voice that’s truly representative
  • Discover how advanced conversational AI can understand accents, slang, and new languages
  • Uncover the speed at which deployment and scalability can be attained
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How Smart Telcos Are Eliminating Customer Frustration with Voice-Based Conversational AI

Listen to Ryan McGurk, Innovation Delivery Specialist at BT, and Brad Stein and Emmanuel Sevrin from PolyAI uncover the power of conversational AI in customer communications. They address some of the most prevalent customer retention issues in the telecommunications industry.

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