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Superhuman Voice Assistants for Retail

Reduce agent call time by 50%.
Answer every call 24/7.

Supercharge Your Caller Experience

Create delightful customer experiences from the second you pick up the phone. 

  • Natural language intent detection: Let customers explain why they’re calling in their own words
  • Identify & verify callers: Slash call time by 60+ seconds by automating your identity and verification process 
  • FAQs: Answer common FAQs, without transferring to an agent
  • Call routing: Accurately route calls to the right agent
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PolyAI’s Superhuman Voice Assistant in Action

Free up your customer service agents with a PolyAI Voice Assistant

Free up your customer service agents

PolyAI voice assistants handle repetitive, low-value transactions, so your agents can focus on building great customer relationships and profitable opportunities

PolyAI voice assistants can automate:

  • Order tracking
  • Returns & refunds
  • Change delivery details
  • Update account details
  • Loyalty services
  • Password resets
  • Payments
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Scale operations up and down with call volume, at no extra cost

Scale operations up and down with call volume, at no extra cost

Handle thousands of calls concurrently during peak times, without additional staff or per seat license fees.

Respond quickly to queries arising from unexpected irregular operations. 

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Simple, transparent pricing with no maintenance fees

No maintenance fees

Our pricing is simple and transparent. Only pay for the minutes you use.

We’re so confident in the scalability of our voice assistants that we don’t charge for maintenance.

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