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Thinking of switching CCaaS provider? Read this first

Image of Kylie Whitehead
Kylie Whitehead
10 Mar 2023 - 5 minutes read

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) is a core part of any contact center transformation project. Moving the contact center into the cloud makes it easier for companies to integrate other technologies and surface data that can be used to streamline operations and improve customer experience. 

Many contact center leaders see CCaaS as the first step in their transformation journey, but this approach may result in unnecessary costs, clunky designs, unhappy agents, and, ultimately, poor customer experience.  

So, whether you’re moving your contact center to the cloud or switching CCaaS provider, here are six things to consider first. 

  1. Is your contact center as streamlined as possible?
  2. Are you buying licenses you don’t need?
  3. Are you overspending on professional services?
  4. Is it taking too long to ramp up your agents?
  5. Is there a gap between digital self-service and the phone channel?
  6. Do you know why customers are calling?

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