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Enterprise Voice Assistants

Superhuman Customer Service

In this report you’ll learn:

  • What call types should be routed to enterprise voice assistant to maximize CX in your entire customer care estate.
  • Challenges in the voice channel, post-COVID.
  • Why the voice channel is both a challenge and an opportunity for digital strategies.
  • Approaches & considerations for deploying voice assistants

Superhuman Customer Service for Banks

Conversational Banking in Action

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How to Fall in Love with a Robot

Great conversational CX understands your customers and provides a simple and speedy resolution to queries. This improves customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention while simultaneously reducing average call handling times and operational costs.

Bad conversational CX misunderstands your customers and makes them repeat themselves, sometimes failing to solve the query altogether, and creating a frustrating experience.

In this eBook, we look at some of the most common reasons that conversations with voice assistants go badly, and explain how you can avoid these pitfalls when deploying voice technologies in your business. We use real-world examples to highlight the differences between good conversational CX and bad conversational CX, and how you can deploy a voice assistant that your customers love.

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Spoken Language Understanding For Great CX

  • The most accurate NLU model on the market accurately understands customers regardless of slang and turns of phrase without requiring masses of training data.
  • Flexible dialogue policies to allow customers to take control of the conversation.
  • Accent neutralization capabilities for truly inclusive customer service.
  • Highly accurate speech recognition so customers can give names, order numbers and addresses without needing to repeat themselves. 


Easy to Implement

  • Pre-trained on common banking use-cases: such as ID&V, payments, and transactions like reporting and blocking a stolen card.
  • Powered by the most accurate understanding model on the market: so our voice assistants can understand any customer intent out-of-the-box.
  • No training data required: A couple of hours talking through common call flows is usually enough to design and build a custom voice assistant.
  • Four weeks to deployment: Take your first live customer call within just 4 weeks.
  • Little support needed from your internal IT departments: we do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.


Banking personalized loan conversation


See ROI in 4 Weeks With an Enterprise Voice Assistant

  • Get more value from your contact center: Automate routine tasks and free up your live agents to provide better service on complex queries.
  • Better value than a DIY build: Because conversational AI is new and expertise varies enterprises generally find it difficult to gauge and budget upfront investment for a DIY voice assistant project meant for deployment.
  • Predictable and reasonable operating cost: PolyAI has a per-minute pricing model that scales with your contact volume, at a significantly lower operating expense on a per-call resolution than traditional call centers.
  • Low cost of ownership: Where many vendors charge obscene maintenance fees, PolyAI’s flexible dialogue architecture allows us to provide updates at a fraction of the cost.
  • Higher returns than conversational IVR: Unlike IVR, which offers partial automation, PolyAI automates interactions end-to-end with up to 75% first call resolution.
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What's Possible?

Identification & Verification Securely verify that callers are who they say they are
Change Account Details Allow customers to update addresses and other account details quickly
Make & Manage Payments Enable customers to make payments and manage direct debits and standing orders
Report Lost or Stolen Cards Reassure customers with immediate action on lost or stolen cards
App Issues and Password Reset Allow customers to quickly get help when they're having trouble with the app
Manage overdrafts Including overdraft applications, requests to edit overdraft limits, and FAQs


Implement Your Enterprise Voice Assistant in Just 4 Weeks

Get in touch to find out:

  1. How voice automation fits into your customer service program
  2. How to build a successful voice bot with minimal training data
  3. How to capture your brand’s identity in the voice channel
  4. How to build a voice bot that understands a variety of accents
  5. How to port your voice bot into all the languages spoken by your customers