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A low-code platform to create human-like voice assistants

The first low-code Studio developed specifically for automating conversations over the phone.

Design, test and launch the most engaging natural language voice assistants.

Example screenshot from PolyAI Studio, showing someone testing the voice assistant in sandbox before deployment
PolyAI Studio BETA

Human-like voice assistants at your fingertips

Increase end-user engagement and loyalty by crafting human-like experiences. The PolyAI Studio allows you to create voice assistants that feel and behave like human agents, whilst giving you the control to stay away from the uncanny valley.

Understand your users, even over the phone

Phone calls are noisy. Even if the caller is driving, has a crying baby in their lap, or a strong accent, PolyAI Studio achieves 97% understanding accuracy using telephony-first ASR biasing.

Enable flexible conversations

It’s a two-way street, let your users speak. Create multi-turn interactions that seamlessly combine agent-led optimized flows and user-led digresssions and FAQs.

Activate human characteristics

Make your voice assistant feel human. Efficiently manage your voice actor recordings. Shorten latency. Acknowledge presence with lifelike umms and ahhs.

PolyAI Studio beta interface - conversation review

Fast-track your ideas into engaging conversations

Speed up your time to market by launching early and iterating quickly. The low-code PolyAI Studio simplifies the initial launch and empowers you to continuously identify, test and deploy improvements. All of this with the safety net of automated tests, and the ability to easily support any of our 16+ languages.

Launch a new project in less than 2 weeks

Bootstrap your ideas with PolyAI templates for ID&V, call routing or appointment scheduling. Fast-track intent and entity training using our best-in-class ML models. Leverage built-in telephony integrations.

Continuous improvement and deployment

Prioritize areas of improvement based on your custom metrics. Create a backlog by annotating and categorizing anything that doesn’t sound right. Automatically test in sandbox and deploy in one click.

Support any of our 16+ languages

Make your voice assistant natively multi-lingual. Activate a new language and locale to seamlessly recognize and understand users by training your intents across languages. Tailor your flows based on cultural specificity.

When designing for voice, teams need more flexibility than chatbot-centric platforms provide

65 percent of all customer interactions happen on the phone

Why Google Dialogflow and the likes don’t work for voice

Customers prefer to pick up the phone. However voice interfaces leave less room for imperfections with latency, tone or misunderstanding.

Chatbot-centric platforms like Dialogflow are good for creating chatbots, but make it extremely hard to productize voice assistants. They offer a single ASR and do not expose the necessary knobs to fine-tune neither speech recognition nor latency, leading to a frustratingly slow experience.

Agent creation is also fragmented. Voice actor recordings need to be managed in GCP buckets and used via SSML tags. Call review happens in Cloud Logging. API integration is done via Fulfillments.

The PolyAI Studio is a all-in-one platform built to handle and embrace the complexities of human conversation.

About PolyAI

Founded in 2017 by a team of dialogue scientists, speech recognition experts and machine learning engineers at the University of Cambridge, PolyAI has designed and launched custom voice assistants for the world’s leading enterprises.

We’re excited to launch PolyAI Studio, the first low-code platform designed specifically for launching natural language voice assistants over the phone.

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