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On-demand webinar

How to port conversational AI into any language in one week

One question asked in English, Serbian and Chinese by a PolyAI voice assistant
Webinar Speakers: Kane Simms, Eddy Su, Daniela Gerz and Jason Misium

About the Webinar

Join VUX World’s Kane Simms and PolyAI’s Eddy Su, Daniela Gerz and Jason Misium to discuss what it takes to port a truly multilingual voice assistant within a week.

  • Watch the first demo of a voice AI that can naturally converse in any language, and even switch language mid-conversation
  • Learn how to deploy a new language in under a week
  • Discover how advanced conversational AI can understand accents, slang, dialects, and under-resourced languages
  • Find out how to create consistent, on-brand multinational customer experiences