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How to Fall in Love with a Robot

Learn what great conversational CX sounds like, and how we design enterprise voice assistants that your customers love.

What’s in the eBook?

Great conversational CX understands your customers the first time and provides a simple speedy resolution to queries. This improves customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention while simultaneously reducing average call handling times and operational costs.

Bad conversational CX misunderstands your customers and makes them repeat themselves, sometimes failing to solve the query altogether, and creating a frustrating experience.

In this eBook, we look at some of the most common reasons that conversations with voice assistants go badly, and explain how you can avoid these pitfalls when deploying voice technologies in your business. We use real-world examples to highlight the differences between good conversational CX and bad conversational CX, and how you can deploy a voice assistant that your customers love.

Transform Your CX

Ready to see how a PolyAI voice assistant can transform your customer experience, revolutionize your call center and maximize profits?

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