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Conversational self-service your customers will love

It’s time to move beyond call deflection.

PolyAI voice assistants guide customers through context-driven conversations to fulfil requests without needing to wait for the next available agent.

Voice Self-Service

Allow customers to self-serve over the phone, in any language

Automating end-to-end customer service processes frees up your agents to handle conversations that require a human touch.

Customers can speak freely using slang and colloquialisms, ask questions, interrupt and drive the conversations they want.

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Conversational Self-Service vs Natural Language IVR

Conversational Self-Service vs Natural Language IVR


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Leading companies delivering automated customer service with PolyAI voice assistants

Greene King


Starling Bank

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Why PolyAI?

Over 99% intent accuracy with real customers

Improve your CSAT with an incredibly high level of intent accuracy with real customers soon within 4 weeks of launch

Ready for user acceptance testing in as little as 2 weeks

Launch your voice assistant quicker than ever thanks to PolyAI’s pretrained enterprise-ready use cases

100x more data efficient than IVR technology

Making PolyAI’s voice assistant up to 100x more efficient than competitors who often need up to 1,000 training examples per intent