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Conversational AI Glossary

Agent Assist

Agent Assist is a software that provides real-time support to contact center agents during customer interactions.
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Automatic call distribution (ACD)

Automatic call distribution (ACD) is a telephony system that answers and distributes incoming calls to specific persons or areas.
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Call Resolution Rate

Call resolution rate is the measurement of how many calls are resolved on the customers' first interaction.
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Chatbots are digital assistants that communicate with human users by text, often over the internet.
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Conversational AI

Conversational AI refers to a combination of technologies that use artificial intelligence to enable machines to communicate with humans, by voice or text.
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Customer Experience (CX)

Customer experience (CX) refers to the entire experience a customer has with a business, across all platforms and communications.
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Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is a CX measurement that shows how satisfied customers are with a product or service.
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Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF)

Dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF), also known as Touch Tone, is a system that allows users to press numbers on their phone to signal their intent. Each number on a phone has two tones - one signals the row, and one signals the column. The receiving machine interprets the tone and to give an automated response.
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First Call Resolution (FCR)

First call resolution (FCR), sometimes called first contact resolution, is the measurement of how many calls are resolved on the customers' first interaction.
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Intent Detection

Intent detection is the process by which an AI bot correctly picks up the intent behind an utterance.
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Intent Recognition Accuracy

Intent recognition accuracy is the accuracy of an AI-enabled machine to correctly label a written or spoken input from a human user.
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Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication is an authentication method which requires one or more extra pieces of evidence, as well as a password, to gain access to an account.
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Multi-Turn Conversation

A multi-turn conversation is a conversation that consists of more than one back-and-forth interaction (turn).
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Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is the process by which technology is able to understand natural human language.
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PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, an internal telephone network that allows for call routing and other call features between users.
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Speech-to-text technology transforms spoken utterances into text transcriptions.
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Spoken Language Understanding (SLU)

Spoken language understanding (SLU) is a combination of speech processing and natural language processing that allows machines to understand human speech.
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Text to Speech (TTS)

Text-to-Speech technology transforms written text into spoken utterances, allowing a bot to give spoken responses.
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Value Extraction

Value extraction is the process by which AI agents extract the relevant information from customer queries and store them against the relevant ‘slots’.
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Voice AI

Voice AI is a form of artificial intelligence that enables spoken communication between humans and machines.
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Voice Assistants

Voice assistants are digital assistants that use artificial intelligence to communicate with human users by voice.
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Voice Biometrics

Voice biometrics is an identification tool that identifies and verifies users by analysing their voice and comparing it to a voiceprint on file.
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Voicebots are digital assistants that use artificial intelligence to communicate with human users by voice.
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