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Responding to the MGM hack: Is AI a vulnerability or security asset?

Last week, MGM fell victim to a cyber attack as a result of social engineering. Reports indicate members of a cybercrime group made phone calls to the IT service desk and persuaded a service representative to reset all Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) factors for a highly privileged user, gaining access to sensitive systems and customer data. […]

Navigating unpredictable call volume in consumer services

Consumer services leaders are no strangers to the impact of seasonality. High customer demand can often be anticipated – like boiler servicing in preparation for winter or pool maintenance requests as summer approaches. But with extreme weather conditions, pest infestations, and last-minute customer requests to navigate, call volume quickly becomes unpredictable. This turbulence often leaves […]

Automating satisfaction: How AI will strengthen the customer experience – Three key takeaways

In our latest webinar, PolyAI’s Damien Smith was joined by Michael Andes, Founder of Augusta Lawn Care Services, and Michael Hansen, Director of Call Center Operations at Carter’s | OshKosh B’gosh, to discuss their journey of deploying AI voice assistants. Read on for the takeaways from the webinar, or watch the entire session on demand. […]

Designing a high-converting customer experience for consumer services

In the world of consumer services, customers typically search for your services online, calling the first option Yelp provides. Research shows that 66% of callers won’t wait for more than 2 minutes on hold. So if you’re not answering every call immediately, prospective customers will hang up and call the following number on their list. […]

UNPARSED 2023: Six key takeaways

In late July, two of our Dialogue Designers (Harry and Isobel) represented PolyAI at UNPARSED 2023, the world’s first Conversation Design conference. This was a fantastic opportunity to hear industry experts’ perspectives in lectures, panel discussions, and chats over coffee. Below, Harry shares the six overarching themes they identified during the conference. 1. Serve the […]

The capability dilemma: personifying voice assistants

One of the most significant factors determining how a user feels about their experience with a technology is the difference between the tech’s inferred capability and perceived capability. Early on in an interaction with a device or interface, a user will subconsciously construct a use image – a mental picture of how the device works […]

How three hotel chains are automating front-desk, PBX, and concierge calls

Hotel guests have high expectations for a smooth and effortless experience from the moment they book their stay until they check out. Any hiccups along the way can easily lead to frustration, and as we all know, these frustrations often find their way onto review sites for the world to see. That’s why it’s crucial […]

The future of AI-powered contact centers: Three key takeaways

PolyAI’s CEO & Co-founder, Nikola Mrkšić, joined Ultimate’s CEO & Co-founder, Reetu Kainulainen, to talk about how generative AI is reshaping the world around us and how contact centers will change in response to this groundbreaking tech. Here are three key takeaways from Ultimate’s Future-gazing session and your opportunity to watch the entire session. 1. […]

How two British banks are automating customer service with voice assistants

Many banks continue to push customers to interact with IVRs and FAQ-driven chatbots to solve their issues. The problem is these systems rely on callers to match their issue to your business logic or use specific keywords in their queries to generate a response. Without the freedom to explain their issues in detail, callers are […]