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Structured conversational data: What it is and why it matters

Every day, contact centers gather masses of conversational data in the form of call recordings, chat logs, and transcripts. This data contains invaluable information about what customers want, when and why they are calling, and what companies could be doing to serve their customers better. Almost every contact center has access to this unstructured data […]

When People are Silent: Designing to Encourage Discussion

Nothing has the potential to kill a conversation quite like silence. Maybe that’s why it’s deadly! However, a hallmark of any good voice assistant is its ability to handle any behavior thrown at it, including users remaining silent rather than providing the expected verbal response. No ‘uhh’s, ‘ahh’s, or ‘umm’s about it! Literally. How do […]

Why seem human? Some theory behind voice assistant design

It’s easy enough to say that a Conversational User Interface (CUI) should feel, well, conversational. But beyond showing off our state-of-the-art natural language processing/generation technology, what’s the point of trying to make a human–computer interaction feel like a human–human interaction? And do the potential benefits of a humanlike conversational experience only come into play if […]

The cost of not implementing a voice assistant

We first launched a PolyAI voice assistant in April 2021 to answer front-desk calls at the Golden Nugget Las Vegas property. We’ve since taught the assistant to take hotel room reservations over the phone, and expanded across all Golden Nugget properties. In January this year, one of our properties nominated our PolyAI voice assistant for […]

Thinking of switching CCaaS provider? Read this first

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) is a core part of any contact center transformation project. Moving the contact center into the cloud makes it easier for companies to integrate other technologies and surface data that can be used to streamline operations and improve customer experience.  Many contact center leaders see CCaaS as the first […]

Five use cases for voice assistants in hotels

Hotel guest service expectations continue to rise with every frictionless customer experience they observe.  From bookings to checking out, ensuring guest satisfaction at every stage of a customer’s experience has never been more critical, especially as review sites for any hotel will be one of the first things customers see when researching a hotel’s name.  […]

Five mistakes companies make when deploying conversational AI – and how to avoid them

The rise of digital self-service channels has increased demand for seamless and efficient customer experiences. Companies are looking for new technologies, like conversational AI, to improve efficiencies and meet growing customer expectations.  However, in their rush to deploy these technologies, many companies make mistakes that can negatively impact operations.  When deployed correctly, companies will benefit […]

Applications of ChatGPT in enterprise conversational AI

The buzz around ChatGPT is undeniable. But many conversational AI vendors are telling the same story – ChatGPT is unsuitable for enterprise use cases.  Large Language Models (LLMs) enable conversational assistants to understand intent behind utterances, even when they haven’t seen those exact utterances before. Although powerful at language generation, ChatGPT only achieves 88% accuracy […]

Can customer-led conversational assistants really improve first touch resolution?

Traditional conversational IVRs can be useful as conduits to agents, but they are not capable of resolving issues outside of simple FAQs, and even then, they only work when the customer speaks in short sentences using the right keywords.  These traditional conversational IVRs are often seen by customers as a hurdle they must leap before […]