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BP & PolyAI

BP prioritises efficiency and transforms their contact center with a PolyAI voice assistant

BP & PolyAI Case Study
BP + PolyAI Case study statistics - 92% CSAT & 90.8% Intent recognition from spoken inputs

The Project

Multinational oil and gas giant, BP, manages thousands of gas stations across the US. Maintaining contact centers to support these stations whilst sustaining a high standard of customer experience is costly and complex.

With the growing technical landscape of customer service automation, BP began to explore options to reduce costs and increase customer experience. The solution needed to be voice-based in order to provide fast, accessible support. It also needed to be advanced enough to handle the complexity of caller’s queries, from broken gas pumps to customer credit card issues, expressed in different words and different accents.


The Solution

With PolyAI’s final solution, BP were able to tackle their business goals and improve the efficiency of their agent’s workflow in two core ways:

  • Routing all calls to the right department for resolution
  • Capturing key information to handover to the agent

Download the full case study below to find out more.

Download the full BP Case Study