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AI-Powered Appointment Setting, a Use-Case Deep Dive

Image of Laura Grainger
Laura Grainger
30 Sep 2021 - 2 minutes read

The AI in Business Podcast from Emerj has just released their latest episode: AI-Powered Appointment Setting, a Use-Case Deep Dive – with PolyAI CEO Nikola Mrkšić. 

The business opportunity of AI-powered appointment setting

Appointment setting is one of the major call types in a number of industries – from healthcare to restaurant to travel. People often call to make appointments, especially if the appointment is urgent, or if they want to know more before they book.

Appointment setting calls are a great way to explore the high utility of conversational AI. They’re repetitive and sometimes lengthy calls that can be automated to free up staff to focus on other tasks. An AI-powered voice assistant can also answer every call 24/7, so that no profit is lost due to missed calls/opportunities for revenue.

What can AI do today to improve appointment setting?

AI can help companies reach maximum occupancy by intelligently negotiating times with customers, suggesting alternative times that suit both the customer and the business, or automatically calling customers back when a time becomes available. 

Using AI, companies can keep detailed records on common call types and peak times, allowing them to optimize operations and provide better CX across all channels.

AI can also upsell naturally, based on a combination of customer and business data.

Listen Now

Hear more insights from Nikola on AI-powered appointment setting in the podcast.

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